What is a Click Speed Test? How Does Mouse Clicking Impact Your Speed?


Advance technology is all about computers. Everything you see on the internet is the gift of computers. Even the internet is all about computers. Without the internet and computers, we couldn't visualize the future of our generation.

Software expansion like CPS Test is one of the hearts of computer science and one of the main components of the information technology world. All because of the internet and Computers.

Generally, calculating mouse clicks is referred to as a ‘click speed test’’. Although the click speed test is a unique game that is played on many websites and applications, some people seriously compete to be the fastest mouse clicker.

With the use of computers and software development, social media and Video games have been leading the entertainment world for a decade.Speaking about gaming, now it's not only an entertainment branch. It considers the skill. Millions of people are playing games online each day. Many matches are held online with huge prizes every year. Gaming is now more than just an amusement thing.

To be a pro in gaming, you must need some skills. The keyboard and mouse are the most basic and important aspects of gaming. Most importantly is mouse clicking. Interaction with the game must be precise and inch-perfect.

How Can You Improve Your Mouse Clicking Skills?

There are Three principal skills or things you must achieve to master mouse clicking.

  1. Position
  2. DPI
  3. Mouse Sensitivity

Before you initiate playing your game, the first and initial task is to set the mouse function. Check the surface where you position the mouse. Check its activity and how it impacts the use when you modify the position of the mouse. Then the most significant things come, DPI and Mouse Sensitivity.

Kohi click test is also one of the functionalities of the click speed test. DPI or Dots Per inch means how many pixels your mouse pointer moves when you adjust the physical position of the mouse. Before onset to play games, you must check your mouse DPI and sensitivity settings.

There are so many software tools available to manage and adjust your mouse DPI and sensitivity. Even some games also deliver components and opportunities to control DPI and mouse sensitivity. But what if you want to test your mouse clicking skills before commencing your game?

Where Precisely Can I Test My Mouse Clicking Skills?


For the mouse-clicking test, the CPS test is one of the most easy-to-use mouse test services. CPS stands for Click per second. It delivers some detailed information about your mouse clicking. The website's home page has a simple panel where you can click. On the right side of the board, it depicts your click per second score and status. Also, you can test your mouse found on time. It provides four different time options.
• Click per second
• Click per 10 seconds
• Click per minute
• Click per 100 seconds
The website does not contain any bugs or issues. Results are also consistent and reliable. Doubtlessly, It's the finest for mouse clicking tests.

Tips for enhancing click speed

Consider the following tips when practicing to enhance your click speed.


Select a time interval of five seconds

To improve your possibility of earning high results. It is advisable to select a default time limit of five seconds. The CPS analyzer can not precisely rate your result if you select to practice with a time interval above five seconds. It is believed that five seconds is the right interval to test for click speeds, as a long time will ultimately cause your fingers to slow down.

Good body postures

One way to improve your clicks per speed is by comprehending and practicing good body poses. Before you commence to practice, be sure to have a casual hand. Rather than use one finger, think of using two to improve speed. In a bid to save time, avoid long distances between your mouse and your fingers. Lastly, try as much as possible to dodge randomly moving your mouse.

Use a specialized gaming mouse

If possible, use a mouse specially created for gaming as this would increase flexibility and rating. Assure that the mouse is properly fixed, and all settings are correct. The CPS test is profitable to all, but mostly for gamer who seek to increase their gaming performance on various sites.

Benefits of estimating your click speed

Regardless of whether you are messaging friends, composing articles, or playing Minecraft, spending long sessions on your screen would weaken your fingers, lessen your click speed and ultimately cause fatigue. Below are a few benefits of estimating your click speed using CPS.

Sharpens your mind

It is verifiable truth that when your brain is focused on meeting a certain target, it becomes dedicated to it. When taking a CPS test, your mind focuses on executing multiple clicks per second. The continuous practice would accordingly improve your speed while sharpening your mind.

Saves time

When typing or shooting in video games, your click speed will decide how much time you would spend engaging in the activity. With improved CPS, users of gadgets reserve more time on-screen than they normally would.

Reduces fatigue

The constant tiredness on your fingers that comes with spending long sessions on touch screen keypads and your mouse would greatly be reduced. Invariably practicing CPS tests would become a form of exercising your fingers, stretching ligaments, and reducing fatigue

Increases mouse skills

A mouse is very essential when using a computer system. Skills such as the efficient usage of a specialized gaming mouse are useful when playing online or offline games. With regular training of CPS, comes whole mastery of mouse skills.


The most thriving gamer are known to have CPS rates. A gamers’ ability to accurately aim and shoot opponents relies on fast they can click their mouse. Games such as Minecraft, League of Legends, and Dota 2 need a high click per second rate to win. CPS delivers a training ground for gamer to increase this ability through consistent training and a visual display of improvement.


Gaming is more than just an entertainment source. It's one of the hard skills to acquire. Computer Mouse is one of the essential components of gaming. Testing and practicing your mouse skills is the first step towards being a pro gamer. CPS test provides the most assuring and trust able services. Check your mouse clicking skills on the CPS test. Enjoy your game! read informative articles: How to active Trakt tv using Trakt tv Activate.

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